American Jewish Congress Responds to NYU and CUNY BDS Resolutions

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 9:54am

NEW YORK -- In response to the pro-BDS resolutions recently passed by the City University of New York (CUNY) Doctoral Students’ Council and the graduate student union at New York University (NYU), American Jewish Congress (AJCongress) President Jack Rosen issued the following statement:

“We at the American Jewish Congress are disheartened by the decision of two university bodies -- both with large populations of Jewish students and deep-seated roots in the Jewish culture of New York City -- to mistakenly enter the wrong side of history.

“For CUNY -- where numerous instances of anti-Semitism have taken place in recent months -- this move is especially troubling, as is the admitted coordination between the CUNY branch of Students for Justice in Palestine and the Doctoral Students’ Council.

“For both schools to hold votes on their respective BDS resolutions on Friday night -- the Sabbath -- seems like an intentional deterrent to Jewish students who would have liked to have been included in the decision-making process. Discriminating against Jews and the Jewish State with pro-BDS resolutions is bad enough, but to intentionally bar Jewish students from having a stake in their university’s own policy towards Israel is both cruel and an obvious affront directed towards supporters of Israel who could have provided the deciding votes, especially at NYU, where the BDS resolution passed by only 3 votes.

“We fully expect both educational institutions’ administrations to reject the tenets of these resolutions, and hope that the United Auto Workers International union (UAW) -- the parent union of the NYU graduate student union -- will strike down their subsidiary’s BDS resolution, as they did with UAW Local 2865 -- the University of California academic union -- in January.”