American Jewish Congress Attends Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism in the OSCE Region

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 2:00pm

The American Jewish Congress was pleased to attend today the "Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism in the OSCE Region" organized in Tirana, Albania. The disturbing rise in anti-Semitic speech and crimes is not only a phenomenon we witness in the United States - it is a hideous global threat that we must combat together.

The conference featured representatives from OSCE participating states, including the U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Mr. Elan S. Carr. The gathering served as an important opportunity to provide an assessment of the issue and its impact on Jewish communities across the OSCE area, and to discuss concrete initiatives in the fight against anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. 

The American Jewish Congress will continue to work with national governments, international organizations, and civil society in our efforts to counter anti-Semitism in the United States and across the globe.