AJCongress President Jack Rosen meets with UN Secretary General

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 12:34pm
"Mr Jack Rosen, President of the American Jewish Congress, was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. Mr Rosen and The American Jewish Congress are proud they have had strong and constructive relationships with previous UN Secretary Generals and look forward to working with Secretary General Guterres in the coming months."
“The meeting was particularly important following anti-Israel UN Resolution 2334 and provided an opportunity to discuss relevant issues. The AJ Congress has long advocated that improved dialogue between Arab countries and Israel should be part of a wider regional approach to finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
“As an organisation we continue our important engagement with the UN, and look forward to further discussing and addressing some current worrying elements surrounding Israel and the Middle East.”