7 Examples Anti-Semitism Is Alive In 2018

Friday, January 26, 2018 - 6:02pm



1) A Jewish Community in WhiteFish, Montana was cyber attacked by Neo-Nazis. 

A Neo-Nazi publication, The Daily Storm, came out with aggressive and false statements claiming Jews were driving the white out and attempting to take over this small town after a dispute between the town’s White nationalist, Richard Spencer, and local Jewish realtor, Tonya Gersh. Andrew Anglin, founder, and publisher of the Daily Stormer called for support of Spencer along with an armed Neo-Nazi march in Whitefish.


This is not free speech this is an assault that leads to torment, violence, and insecurity. 


2. Anti-Semitic Outbreaks in Poland

A group of 10 individuals celebrated Hitler's birthday with a cake shaped like a swastika and a burning of a swastika made of wood. President of the union of Jewish Communities, Lesla Liszewski asked the government to take action when the anti-Semitic events became more frequent. The Attorney General finally vowed to take action against these groups who have been displaying illegal Nazi paraphernalia. 


3. Paul Nehlen runs on anti-Semitic campaign 

Paul Nehlen, a political candidate who lost the Wisconsin Republican primary in 2016, is known for his extreme views against the Jewish community. He has repeatedly run on a platform of hate and racism. He has consistently used his twitter for inappropriate slurs and attacks against Jewish politicians and reporters, often professes his “pro-white” ideals and the need to separate the thoughts of Christian and Jewish people. He believes Jews control the media and have gone to great lengths to rewrite history. Possibly the most alarming aspect of Nehlen’s anti-semitic campaign is the fact that he has gained serious traction in the media. Nehlen has been mentioned by many major publishers and Twitter following has reached close to 100,000 followers. He has gained a following of Neo-Nazis, bigots, and thousands of people who just want to follow the spectacle. Nehlen represents the faults of new political trends and the undying push of anti-Semitism in this country. 


4. Abbas calls Israel a ‘Colonial Project’ unrelated to Judaism 

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a meeting with the Palestinian Central Council, a top decision-making body, at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah, January 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the Palestinian Central Council earlier this month with multiple claims that the goal of the Jewish people to obtain Israel was not due to religion but of hatred toward the Arab countries. He said he believes Israel is a “colonial project” to gain power in the middle east and the term “promised land” is just a farce. He claims the European Jews would rather face the murder and slaughter of the Holocaust than emigrate to Palestine. Abbas went as far to say that Israeli goal has always been to wipe out the Palestinians. Abbas is blinded by ignorance and pride and has failed to take history and facts into account. 


5. Alison Chabloz

Alison Chabloz is a self-proclaimed “Holocaust Revisionist” or simply put a Holocaust denier. Chabloz faces 5 charges related to three offensive songs about Jews and the Holocaust. Chabloz has been creating songs that mock accounts of the Holocaust and Jewish people as a whole. She claims that Anne Frank’s father faked his daughter’s diary and accuses famous survivors of taken advantage of their situation to get rich. She uses her songs to blatantly communicate her white supremacy ideals with her growing fan base. 


6. Puerto Rico Anti Semitic Column 

El Nuevo Dia newspaper released a column entitled “What does ‘the Jew’ want with the colony?” This is response to the the economic crisis and the belief that the Jews control congress and run the economics of Puerto Rico. The writer Wilda Rodriguez believes that the Jews are trying to gain power and wealth of Puerto Rico. The newspaper quickly rescinded their article and apologized for offending the Jewish community. Rodriguez claims she was unaware her column could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. 


6. Tunisia: Jewish Population determined to stay despite anti-Semitic violence

Although Tunisia has been declared a multi-faith state, the Jewish people still face persecution. There have been several attacks against Jews that includes harassment, social media threats to the Djerba synagogue and promises that Jews will soon finally be driven out of Tunisia. The people behind  these anti-Semitic acts are thought to be extremists as the Arab and Jewish citizens have developed a good relationship in the past years. Despite the persecution, the Jewish community has banded together in an effort to remain in their homeland and fight the discrimination. Although Tunisian government is currently weakened, it stands in support of both Jews and Muslim and believe that a unified culture is good for their country. It has taken some measures to protect Jewish institution by placing police guards around them while the extremist issue is dealt with. 


7. Racist, Anti Semitic Fliers Dropped in Virginia Neighborhood Before MLK Day

Members of the Ku Klux Klan face counter-protesters as they rally in support of Confederate monument

The Ku Klux Klan delivered racist and anti- Semitic fliers in a Virgina neighborhood on the eve before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. These flyers crude illustrations of Jews based on stereotypes and mentioned how the jews control the media. Another flyer included racist and vulgar statements about MLK. The KKK also delivered messages over Halloween villainizing the Jewish and African American community.