War is bad, but good things happen when evil is defeated. 

With America’s help, Israel was negotiating peace with Saudi Arabia and talking to Palestinian officials when Hamas launched an unprovoked war on October 7. 

Since then, aside from the tragedies of war, good things have happened.

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Check out our last month’s report on The Good News In Israel’s War Against Terrorism on our website AJCongress.org.

  • Hamas’s Tactical Victory Turned Into Strategic Defeat. Overcoming the shock of Oct. 7, Israel’s political and military leaders moved swiftly to manage war diplomacy while uncovering tunnels and tracing the hospitals, buildings, and bunkers where Hamas fighters took the hostages. The successes that Hamas achieved in the war “have become the leading drivers of its strategic defeat,” writes Edward N. Luttwak in this must-read piece, Why Israel Is Winning In Gaza. Luttwak has served as an advisor to U.S. governments.
  • Palestinian Leader Arrives In Tel Aviv To Talk Peace. His name is Hussein Al-Sheikh. The New York Times described him in 2022 as a possible future president of Palestinian Authority, and he traveled to Tel Aviv a few days ago for an undisclosed meeting with National Security Council chief Tzachi Hanegbi and Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar to discuss Palestinian-Israeli cooperation to ease tensions in the West Bank during Muslim holy month of Ramadan in March. This is a rare moment of high-level cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians after Oct. 7. Al-Sheikh criticized Hamas in December and called to reconsider Palestinian tactics after a reckless war that killed many. He was also part of the Saudi-Israel normalization talks in September.
  • Arab-Israeli Visitors To The Gulf Boast About Their Israeli IdentityIn a post on X/Twitter seen by nearly 136,000 users, Saudi influencer Luay Al-Sharif reported recently that he met two Arab-Israelis in Dubai who told him they are proud of their Israeli identity and would never think of living under Hamas or Palestinian Authority. This post continues after this image of the post:
  • The post about the two Arab-Israelis in Dubai generated an interesting online discussion, and a user posted a useful illustration that shows how Arab Muslim Israeli citizens (of Palestinian heritage) earn more and live better in Israel compared to Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Palestinians in Lebanon and Egypt: 
  • Pakistan Super League Bans Pro-Palestine Banners. Many pro-Palestine protests end up becoming pro-Hamas events. Such banners made their way into World Cup stadiums in Qatar. Pakistan, also a Muslim-majority nation, has banned them, in an unexpected but welcome move. PSL is that country’s first division league, with a huge following in a nation of 220 million. Last week, a female activist carrying a banner that read ‘Palestine will be free’ was stopped by a security guard who told her, “This is a political message, it is controversial and may hurt some people. If you want to go inside, you have to leave it here.” The banner was confiscated and the activist took to X/Twitter later to vent her anger [We won’t reproduce it here, but she was pretty angry].
  • British Home Secretary Intervenes In A Possible Hate Crime Targeting A Newborn. A British couple submitted a passport application for their six-month-old Israel-born baby girl. To their shock, the parents received the application back in the mail, ripped and the word ‘Israel’ scribbled out. Here’s the ripped application; this post continues below.


  • When a volunteer-led charity, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, took to social media, British Home Secretary James Cleverly responded from his personal account announcing that he opened an urgent investigation into the case. This exchange on X was viewed by around 785,000 people combined.
  • Israel Succeeds In Saving Gaza Tax Money From Hamas. This past week, Israel approved a plan to transfer tens of millions of dollars in frozen funds of Gaza tax revenue to Norway. The U.S. will act as a guarantor of the arrangement and Norway–and the European Union, be default—have accepted that stringent checks are required to ensure the money does not reach Hamas. A major win for Israeli diplomacy.
  • Israel Is Facilitating Aid Into Gaza Quicker Than UN Can Distribute It. You read that right. Israel is clearing aid trucks faster than the UN can handle them, according to the Israeli government. See these two images of aid crammed on the Israeli side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Egypt earlier this month, and then continue reading below.
  • What you see above is the content of 500 trucks cleared by Israeli authorities and waiting for UN agencies to come and pick them up for distribution inside Gaza. And this is Day Three after inspection. These two images were released by Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy a few days ago.
  • Another Gaza Hospital, Another Story of Foul Play. A quick disclaimer: We believe hospitals and civilian infrastructure should not be used by combatants in warfare. Unfortunately, Hamas did not keep this rule and used hospitals in Gaza to hide Israeli hostages and conceal tunnel shafts, forcing the Israeli military to scrutinize the hospitals [Check out our release: BUSTED: Hamas Caught with Hostages Inside, and Tunnels Below, Shifa Hospital]. So, now, we have another hospital: Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, where the Israeli military discovered Oct. 7 vehicles and medications intended for Israeli hostages tossed aside. For example, 75-year-old Ada Sagi’s medications are seen in the picture below [Ada was released in late November]. At least one civilian vehicle stolen from Kibbutz Nir Oz was also found at the hospital. According to a detailed report in JewishPress.com: “Before entering the hospital complex, the forces fought complex battles in the area, including face-to-face battles with fighters holed up in terrorist fortifications aiming rocket fire at IDF soldiers from within the hospital complex.”


But fighting evil is sometimes the last option, especially when a terror group like Hamas launches more than 12,000 ‘dumb bombs’ on civilian population centers on Oct. 7 with no regard for civilian life. So, with the bad news of innocent lives lost on all sides, the good news is manifested in the many stories that show how the war against Hamas is having an impact. Please share this far and wide in your circles, both by forwarding this email, or by sharing the Web link on our website for this post here. 

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