Liora is a student who is currently interning at the American Jewish Congress. Below is her perspective on how BDS activism negatively affects the Jewish community on campus.

A recently passed resolution by Columbia University seeking to divest funds from companies profiting from Israel or the Israeli government gives great cause for concern. It also reveals a stunning and counterproductive double standard.

While describing Israel as an apartheid regime that systematically oppresses minority groups, Columbia’s Apartheid Divest initiative fails to recognize some of the world’s most grotesque abusers. The university has not offered similar condemnation of China’s treatment of its Uyghur population. This contradictory approach only serves to drive Israel away and makes it more difficult to bring Israel and its neighbors together to make peace.

This glaring omission indicates the university is less concerned about the mistreatment of ethnic peoples and is more concerned with propagating the anti-Semitism that is all too prevalent on American college campuses. This creates a climate of fear and one that stigmatizes an already vulnerable group of students.

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