Antisemitism Survey

This past week there was a debate within the Jewish community on whether a recent tweet from an elected official could contribute to fueling antisemitism. Recently, some have suggested that a majority of Jews in America are exposed to antisemitic remarks and violence. At the same time, there have been multiple reports on the increase in antisemitic hate crimes across the country.

But not everything that you see in the news directly corresponds to your daily concerns and experience.

The American Jewish Congress would like to know more about the direct experience of Jewish Americans with antisemitism in their day to day lives.

Have you ever been a target of antisemitic violence or threats? How threatened do you feel amid news on growing antisemitism? Have you changed any of your daily activities or habits due to news on the increase in hate crimes?

Your participation will help us better understand how antisemitism is affecting your lives and what can we do to better combat and respond to it.

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In the past two years, have you been a target of a physical assault that you perceived was motivated by anti-Semitism?
In the past two years, have you been a target of anti-Semitic remarks or threats, in person or online?
How threatened do you personally feel by anti-Semitism today compared to two years ago?
Do you feel the level of antisemitic incidents has risen since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic?
Compared to two years ago, do you believe that the Jewish community in the United States is overall more or less secure?
Have you avoided any certain place or situation because you were concerned that, due to being Jewish, your safety or comfort was not guaranteed?
Do you ever avoid or have you ever avoided publicly wearing, carrying or displaying items that could identify you as Jewish?
Do you believe that the statements and language of officials and elected representatives could contribute to fueling anti-Semitism?
What group are you more concerned about in terms of their antisemitism?
Would you like to see more action from Congress regarding combating antisemitism?
Do you believe that a domestic terrorism law would help prevent antisemitic attacks?
How old are you?

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