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BDS Scorecard: What grade has your state earned?

Boycotts, divestment, and sanctions are threatening the legitimacy of the Jewish State. Are your legislators doing everything they can to defend Israel?

Take a look at our BDS Scorecard to find out where your state stands.

Tell President Abbas: Your words cost lives

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas incited violence against Israel with his remarks to the United Nations, and refused to abide by the Oslo Accords. He doesn’t seem concerned by the weight his words carry, and refuses to condemn the actions of his people to end the recent bloodshed against innocent Israelis.

Join us in signing this petition urging Abbas to condemn these recent acts of violence.

UN Leaders: Engage Israel, Don't Boycott

It’s time to stand up against Israel’s detractors, and the BDS movement that’s fueled by Abbas’s words. Sign our petition to send UN leaders a message today: speak out against BDS and engage with Israel!