"For the past century, the American Jewish Congress has worked to promote Jewish rights in America as well as strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel. We are committed to bringing new ideas to both traditional and current problems experienced by Jews and Israelis and we will continue to combat those who threaten world peace and security."
Jack Rosen, President
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Over the past century, the American Jewish Congress has a long and rich history of fighting for everyone’s rights and liberties, in the belief that Jews are more secure in a society that actively protects the rights of all its citizens. Since its inception, the American Jewish Congress has been engaged in a continuous fight for equal rights for all Americans regardless of race, religion or national ancestry. Our founders include the likes of the acclaimed physicist Albert Einstein, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise. Jack Rosen is the current president of the American Jewish Congress.





100 Years of Fighting for Jews in America and Around the World