The American Jewish Congress

"For the past century, the American Jewish Congress has worked to promote Jewish rights in America as well as strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel. We are committed to bringing new ideas to both traditional and current problems experienced by American Jews and the State of Israel and we will continue to combat those who threaten world peace and security."

Jack Rosen

Who We Are

The American Jewish Congress has been a legacy organization of the Jewish community for over 100 years, working to defend Jewish interests at home and abroad through public policy, advocacy, legislation, and the courts. Founded by great American Jewish leaders, such as Albert Einstein, former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and U.S. Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter. The American Jewish Congress first convened in Philadelphia’s historic Independence Hall in 1918 to lay the groundwork for a national democratic organization of Jewish leaders, to rally for equal rights for all Americans. Today, the American Jewish Congress helps shape the Jewish voice of tomorrow.

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Our Issues

U.S. & Israel Relations

Israel is the United States’ steadfast ally, and the American Jewish Congress works to help strengthen the bond between the two nations by reaching out to decision makers in the highest levels.

Additionally, the American Jewish Congress works to promote mutual understanding and normalization between Israel and neighboring nations.

Israeli Palestinian Conflict

The American Jewish Congress is firmly committed to a two-state solution in Israel and works to condemn violence between Israelis and Palestinians. We fully support maintaining open dialogue between Palestinian and Israeli leaders in an effort to secure peace, security, and prosperity for all. However, we do not approve of the hateful rhetoric used by Palestinians to incite violence against Jews and Israelis.


A nuclear Iran is a direct threat to the United States and Israel. The Congress has worked tirelessly to engage elected leaders, and educate them on the importance of preventing a nuclear Iran from becoming a reality. The American Jewish Congress led the way in opposition to the Iran Deal that eventually passed through the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Fighting BDS

The BDS movement overtly seeks to undermine & ultimately destroy Israel. This movement is a direct assault on Israel’s legitimacy & existence. Leaders in the BDS movement are waging a political, economic, & cultural war against Israel. The BDS movement is a hindrance to any attempts at lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Engaging Leaders

We work with political leaders globally to advance Jewish interests. We also strive to engage with up-and-coming politicians from around the world to expand support for Jewish rights. Our annual International Conference of Mayors welcomes mayors from over 30 nations to Israel to promote and educate the world on the Jewish state.


Antisemitism has arguably reached new heights in recent years. While Jews have certainly come a long way since the Holocaust, anti-Jewish sentiment is still prevalent across the globe.

As the threat of Islamic extremism spreads across the world and right-wing antisemitic parties gain traction globally, Jews must remain united to fight antisemitism.

Vision looks inwards and becomes duty. Vision looks outwards and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upwards and becomes faith.

Rabbi Stephen Samuel WiseAmerican Jewish Congress Co-founder